What Is the Average Length of a Shower Curtain?

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What Is the Average Length of a Shower Curtain
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If you’re like the rest of us, then chances are you’ve experienced what it’s like to have a shower curtain that is either too short or too long. It can wreak havoc on your bathroom floor and leave you with a mess to clean up afterward. While most homeowners don’t have this issue, it’s still good to be aware of how long a shower curtain should be.

Every home is different, and with new renovations and modern bathroom themes, the dimensions may change. In this article, we will teach you what is the average length of a shower curtain, how to measure your shower, and tips on proper installation alongside with shower head with hose.

What Is the Average Length of a Shower Curtain?

The average shower curtain measurements are designed to fit tubs that are exactly 60 inches in length. To help the curtain produce its traditional wavy shape, there will be a few extra inches added in length.

Let’s be honest; you will most likely need a curtain that fits 60 inches unless you have a larger tub or a unique style of shower.

To give you a better idea of what shower curtain measurements are the most common, here are the variations in width and length:

  • 70 x 70 inches
  • 70 x 72 inches
  • 72 x 72 inches
Measuring Your Shower

Measuring Your Shower

Before you go out and buy the first shower curtain that captures your interest, it’s best to get a better idea of what curtain size you will need. Don’t worry if you’re usually bad at figuring out the standard size of shower curtains, as we’ll walk you through how to measure it without it being too big or small.

How to Measure Width

Firstly, grab a measuring tape because using this is going to be the most effective method for determining the width of the shower. Take your measuring tape and line it up with the wall, making sure that you’re touching wall to wall.

Next, add 12 inches to the measurement you took. The result will be the width you need for your shower curtain.

Using any shorter measurements could result in the water leaking from the sides while showering, thus making a huge mess.

How to Measure Height

Secondly, you’re going to need the height of the shower curtain. This part could potentially be harder to measure, as you’re not going to be able to do a wall to wall measurement. Instead, this will highly depend on the placement of your shower rod.

Having the shower curtain dragging on the floor won’t look aesthetically pleasing and also can cause a buildup of mold and mildew if not properly cleaned. This is the reason why measuring the shower curtain height is important.

To do it, start by measuring from an inch above the ground and moving the tape measure until it hits either your rog or rings.

Generally, if you don’t want the shower curtain to be directly over the floor, then you should subtract up to 10 inches to its measurement or have it go a few inches below the tub line.

Measuring Freestanding Showers

One of the new popular types of showers is a free-standing shower. These are the showers that don’t include a tub and are at floor level. Usually, they come with a sliding glass screen, but some do not.

The average dimensions for these types of showers are much different from the traditional style tub, hence learning what works is vital. Here are the current measurements for average freestanding showers:

  • 50 x 78 inches
  • 54 x 78 inches

How to Measure Width

Similar to the regular shower, we’re going to measure the shower wall to wall and then add 12 inches. If you find that the shower curtain is too big, then you can cut it to fit the dimensions of your shower, though we only recommend doing this with a sturdy shower fabric.

Otherwise, you may find that the material will start to unravel.

How to Measure Height

Place the measuring tape along the bottom of the floor and measure all the way up to the curtain rod. However, if you’re using shower rod rings, then only measure until the tape touches them.

From here, take that measurement and subtract two inches. This is going to be the dimensions you need for your shower curtain.

What If I Can’t Find the Right Dimensions?

One of the biggest issues you may run into is finding the correct size for your measurements. Don’t fret if you can’t find any at your local home goods store, as there are plenty of online websites that offer a wider variety.

 If push comes to shove, you can always alter the dimensions or order a custom-made shower curtain.


It’s essential to have a well-fitted shower curtain, as it can help prevent water from leaking out of the sides while you’re showering. If you don’t want to clean up a huge mess or risk the chances of mildew and mold growth, then choosing the right size is essential.

Then again, most homes have similar dimensions for the shower, only differing in a few inches. By adding additional inches to the width, you can mainly accommodate most showers.

Hopefully, this article has taught you what is the average length of a shower curtain and how to measure it so that you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

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