What Size is a Stall Shower Curtain?

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Jun 03

Many individuals are unaware of the exact dimensions of a stall shower curtain. Chances are, you’re utilizing a regular shower curtain designed to match your home’s shower, however, these conventional sizes might not be suitable for a stall.

You may need to look at the bathroom vanity. That will tell you what the shower curtain should be when it is hung on the vanity. By checking your vanity and making sure it fits, you will be able to make an educated guess as to what size is a stall shower curtain.

Double doors? Double closets? Check your room and take a guess at what is the right size. This can save you money in the long run and you will be able to use the bathroom without the worry of it being too small.

Is the stall door the only door? That is another way to tell. If there is no other way to open the door, that can tell you how big the stall is. The stall is usually about one or two inches smaller than the bathroom vanity measurement.

A big toilet? Large bathtub? Check that the water is running before you step into the bathtub or walk in the door of the shower.

Is the bathtub or shower decorated? Colors can sometimes make or break the illusion. If it is more of a white than the rest of the room, it may have trouble fitting into a stall shower curtain.

Double curtain? If the shower or bathtub is in a room with a double door, this will tell you that it will be very difficult to find a size that is just right.

Is the bathtub part of the shower curtain? Sometimes that does not help either. Try a different combination of bathtub and shower door to see if the size of the bathroom helps your guess.

Your bathroom vanity may be too high for a standard sized shower curtain. This is the perfect opportunity to try a larger size that fits the stall door and vanity well. You may want to get a second mirror, too.

The bathtub is the smallest piece of furniture in the room. A larger size may be too small for a single shower curtain. You may need to look at the bathtub and think about what the size of the stall is going to be.

If you have a two bathroom vanity, use a larger shower curtain if the vanity is too small. It is likely the toilet is much higher than the vanity, so you can probably use a larger size if that is the case.

Do you have a shower and bathtub that are separate? Even if they are placed in the same room, there may be a problem with the shower curtain. This can be a good time to call a professional to help you determine what size is a stall shower curtain and then buy the correct size.

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