What You Need to Know Before You Measure Shower Curtain

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Apr 02

Mastering the measurement of your shower curtain brings several advantages. It gives you greater authority over the appearance and practicality of your shower area.

how to measure shower curtain

There are some basic stuff that you should know about before you start measuring. The most important is the measurement of the length of the wall you have to cover. This will take into account the distance of the curtain from the floor, as well as any partitions or plumbing.

Take note that even if the bathroom is small, there will be times when you want to cover only part of the ceiling. For such occasion, a longer curtain may not suffice. Therefore, consider the use of trimmers, or even hand tapers, which can give you a more uniform trimming.

The next easy part is getting the curtain to cover the rest of the space. Most of the curtain needn’t be entirely free, so you can make it flat. And once this is done, you can start measuring.

To determine the length of the curtains, you have to measure the length of the shower. From this figure, multiply it by one third. In other words, if the shower length is 50 feet, multiply it by 3. For more accurate measurement, do it this way every time you measure.

Next, you have to calculate the total amount of curtain required. To do this, you have to divide the shower length by the amount of curtain you will need. So, if the shower length is 50 feet, then divide it by three, which means that you will need two pieces of curtain. The same rule applies for the thickness.

Then add the same amount of curtain to the opening in the center of the curtain. Again, this is the measure of the curtain’s thickness that adds up to the entire curtain. You should take into account the space between curtain boards, and also the distance from the edge of the wall to the middle of the curtain.

Some people like to add a little more curtain on the edges, to give the illusion of a wider curtain. This can be done, but be aware that if you add too much, it will be difficult to get out of the shower at the end of the day. Also, this kind of addition has the potential to be quite costly.

Another reason why you need to know how to measure shower curtain is because it is the best way to see whether the type of curtain you have is just right for your bathroom. For instance, a very wide curtain can be problematic in very small bathrooms, especially if they come with partition walls. That is why you have to understand the basics of measuring.

In addition, you have to be sure that you know what kind of curtain you need, as well as what the cost will be, before you start the whole project. A good idea is to plan in advance and make a budget that you can stick to.

After measuring the curtain, you can now begin assembling the curtains. One of the most convenient ways is to use tape, but it is also possible to use grommets. If you decide to go for this method, remember to leave room between the panels to avoid the need for seam tape.

After that, hang the curtain, using the tape that was used. It is better if you apply the tape in sections, so that the seams will not be visible after the curtain is hung. If the curtain requires the use of grommets, apply the grommets one at a time, making sure that you do not leave a gap between them.

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