DIY Ideas to Move a 20ft Container Using Removable Wheels

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DIY Ideas to Move a 20ft Container Using Removable Wheels
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Having a well-built, quality shipping container is great by itself. But making it mobile is even better. Adding wheels to the equation will make your life much easier in the workplace, whether you need to move, lift, or load your container. Buying the right wheels will prove an excellent investment in the future. Maybe you’re a manufacturer, a DIY homeowner, or perhaps a rental company; whatever the case, mobile containers will benefit you in the long run.

Considering the various types available on the market, first, you’ll need to do some research before choosing the right wheels for your needs. For instance, some models have strict weight limitations, so they might not support heavier containers. Then, you have wheels that require smooth surfaces only, while others can handle rough terrain with no problem. The idea is to make your equipment as practical and efficient as possible, which will boost your productivity. Check this website for more.

Making the Right Choice

Each business has a particular set of requirements, so it’s important to think about details. You should also consider installation, type of cargo, frequency of use, the weight and size of your containers, etc. For safety reasons, you should always ensure that the wheels are made by certified welders according to approved procedures. Let’s take a look at several types of wheels and see what each has to offer.

One option is to buy lug spindles made of carbon steel. These can tolerate only low speeds, so you’ll need to operate them with caution. As for weight, they can carry up to 8000 pounds. They’re easy to install, and the solid construction will not allow rotation on a flat surface, a hazardous event for mobile containers.

Or you might opt for clip-on dolly spindles instead. These are the perfect choice for consumers who already have rims and tires and don’t need to move any cargo in the containers. They are very sturdy, built to last, and are an excellent choice for covering shorter distances, for instance, within your workplace.

End wheels are an excellent all-in-one solution – you don’t need to buy any separate parts. Mounting is a piece of cake, but they’re limited to smooth surfaces as they’re made of metal.

Heavy-Duty, Swivel, and Removable Wheels


If you need to deal with heavy-duty operations, you will probably go for a full transport kit (think trucks and trailers). This set can carry bigger loads than the previous two types, a little over 9,000 pounds, and the included hubs, bearings, and welded chains can be customized according to your needs.

On the other hand, swivel wheels support less weight but are very practical in that you can rotate them full-circle and lock them in different positions. They provide easy manipulation and control over your container, but you shouldn’t overburden the wheels; they could easily give away under a heavier load. Go to for some more ideas.

Finally, you have the option of installing removable wheels. The large size of these sets allows you to move your containers over uneven surfaces, such as curbs and rocks. They can tolerate heavier cargo than all the types we mentioned; plus, the ease and speed of installation, the ability to adapt to any container, makes them highly convenient in any situation.

The Advantages of Portable Containers

Keeping your equipment safe at all times is a top priority, and there’s hardly a better way of protecting your inventory and supplies than a metal container. They’re especially great for people with smaller warehouses and don’t have enough room for everything. Having moving containers lets you organize your space much faster, while warehouses are static.

Those who seek versatile gear will be right at home with these portable metal boxes. You can use them at various locations, fit them in the back of your truck, and not worry about your inventory for a single second. Let’s say you’re working at a large building site and have all your tools stored in your container on wheels. Suppose a construction worker needs your equipment, but he’s on the opposite side of the site? Thanks to your mobile storage, you can easily transport it without breaking a sweat.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, investing in storage containers beats any building intended for the same purpose, whether it’s an outbuilding, a shed, or some other structure on your property. Think about it: they perform the very same functions, but you’ll save a lot more money by using containers that you can spend to improve other areas in your business.

Companies often have to move containers in areas with poorly designed roads. Say you need to move your 20ft container to a hard-to-reach location. You can’t cancel the job; using a truck, or even a semi-truck, is out of the question. Luckily, removable container wheels come to the rescue. You can tow your unit to remote places where using other vehicles is not an option.

Protection and Customization

Another thing to think about is security. You cannot risk having your goods stolen, and metal containers are the ideal protection from theft. If your properties are scattered around the workplace without any organization, they can become a target of burglars, and you might end up costing your business thousands of dollars. Instead, padlock-secured containers will help you sleep better at night.

Many people have had their valuable goods damaged because of harsh weather. Winds, rain, extreme temperatures, snowstorms, etc., can play havoc with your materials, so metal containers provide a perfect weatherproof shield to leave your stuff intact. After all, you can’t ask for more than sturdy steel construction when it comes to protection.

Customization is quite a handy tool for any business. Many owners require specifically tailored products for their particular needs, and rightfully so. They’re the ones who’ll use it daily, so why not make it comfortable along with efficient? Containers can be customized, too. This includes space conversion, shelving, benching – whatever need you have, it’s right there at your disposal.

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