How to Hem a Shower Curtain

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The first step is to make sure that you buy a shower curtain made of good material and features such as pleats and pleated panels. It is important to find a set of curtains that will not be so overwhelming in the room.

This is because curtain upholstery will certainly add elegance and style. You can choose your colors, patterns and other styling options. However, make sure that your curtain has the right number of pleats.

Once you are sure that the curtains will fit the interior decor of the room, it is time to trim the curtains. You have two choices, either to use a curtain trimmer or take help from someone who is better at trimming. There are lots of professionals who are available at home improvement stores or online.

A basic technique is to open the curtains and measure the distance between the corners of the curtain and the back of the shower door. Be sure that you don’t cut too close to the curtain or you will get a pleat formation at the corner of the curtain.

You may also want to ask for a sample of the material of the curtain before buying. This will allow you to see the different fabrics. Remember that when you buy, you will be able to view pictures or samples to compare before making your purchase.

It is a good idea to get a set of clippers with a tape measure and measuring tape at home. Then you can measure the measurement of the door with the tape measure and see how big the trim you need to trim. Once you have decided on the size, you can go shopping and find a good and dependable salesperson.

A great tip is to purchase your curtains online because they are available at your fingertips within a day, free local delivery, and you can get them even cheaper if you choose to buy from an online retailer. Keep in mind that when you go for online, it will be cheaper but you cannot add the color to them.

You have a choice of ordering the right color. It is advisable to order a shade that is a little darker than the color of the wall. Dark fabric looks better than a light one.

Another good choice for the color is to match it with the paint of the wall. This way, the trim will be stronger because it will be present along with the paint of the wall.

When trimming the trim, you should ensure that you leave enough space between each piece. If you leave the space, there is a possibility that the trim will show and the whole look of the trim will not be flattering.

Trimming of all the pieces is better but in a large area, you can only trim the trim of one or two pieces. In this case, you should find a method to trim it into thirds.

How to hem a shower curtain is simple and the best way to achieve the effect is by using the belt or the scissors to make the trimming. A shower curtain requires many rounds of trimming so the way you trim it is the main issue.

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