How Far Into the Tub Should a Shower Curtain Hang?

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how far into the tub should a shower curtain hang

How Far Into the Tub Should a Shower Curtain Hang?

You can’t judge how far into the tub you should have a shower curtain installed simply by looking at the curtain. The only way to get an accurate measurement is to look at the area where the shower curtain will be hung and you must also take into account any openings around the shower head.

This is an important factor to remember because the position of the head in relation to the door and curtain opening will have a significant effect on the distance from which the water must be released. Once you have done that you should be able to make an informed decision about how far into the tub you should have a shower curtain hung.

The only other things you need to consider are the opening and closing of the doors and towel rails. It would also be a good idea to check how much room there is between the curtain rods and the bottom of the curtain to see if you can open or close them without hurting the curtains.

Another consideration is whether the room is designed to accommodate extra wide partitions or compartments for your bathroom. The presence of space between the two sets of walls will make it easier to install a curtain rod, but don’t be tempted to go too far and cut the room in half by installing a curtain over the wall opposite the shower area.

A single curtain may be sufficient, but double curtain rods will require more space between the walls. When installing a curtain over the wall opposite the shower area, it is best to install a “flip-back” type shower curtain or a sliding shower curtain to open as little as possible, allowing the curtain to fit through easily.

Another consideration when you are deciding how far into the tub should a shower curtain hang is the water flow rate of the shower. There are many different types of bathtubs and some have very low flow rates, so they will not be suitable for installing a curtain at all.

You need to consider whether the size of the shower is large enough to support a curtain hung from a rod or if you need to install a shower with higher flow rates. For instance, in a single level bathtub it is likely that the curtain rod would have to go up high enough for the curtain to be raised above the water line.

When you are installing a double door shower you will need to decide whether the curtain rod can be lowered into the door itself, or whether you need to install another door to do this. If you decide to install a door then there are some further considerations to take into account.

Make sure that the door is large enough to seat the amount of water that you will be pouring into the door each time you use the shower. On the other hand, you can’t install a door that doesn’t have enough space to seat the water in, so check the dimensions of the door before you start.

There are some doors that will fit into the shower rather than going all the way up into the tub, and these doors will be an ideal location for a curtain rod because they have to work extra hard to keep the water from spilling out. These types of doors will need to be installed by someone who has experience with such doors and don’t hesitate to ask the installer for help.

Although there are no rules about the height of the curtain, it is a good idea to install a curtain that is as high as you can get it. Since the curtain is at least three inches above the floor when it reaches the highest point of the tub, it will provide ample protection against splashes and water spills.

If you have a shower curtain with a hook at the top for attaching the curtain rod, then you will have an extra measure of protection. It will prevent the curtain from falling down over the curtain rod.

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