How Long Is a Regular Shower Curtain?

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Knowing the answer to the question, “How long is a regular shower curtain” is very important if you’re planning to get a new one for your bathroom. There are many types of shower curtains available and it’s important to get the right one for your requirements.

A regular shower curtain is designed in a straight horizontal line. However, there are some types of shower curtains that can be attached in a V-shaped or an O-shape. This will depend on the shape of your bathroom and the specific measurements of your shower.

The more decorative the curtain is, the more it will cost. Some of the most popular curtains available today are: the skirtless curtain, the normal curtain, the pearl curtain, the dual-layer curtain, the semi-double curtain, the upholstered curtain, the decorative down-the-middle curtain, the upholstered curtain in the corner and the pleated curtain.

An important feature to look out for when shopping for a regular shower curtain is its durability. Water resistance is a critical factor when buying curtains as water is the most common problem they will face. In the event of a breakage or spillage, it could potentially ruin the bathroom.

It’s possible to find inexpensive and affordable regular shower curtains but you need to make sure you get a good quality one. Many of these cheap curtains don’t even last longer than a couple of years before they fall apart and need replacing.

Choosing a regular shower curtain that is appropriate for your needs, will help you maximize its life. If you intend to use the bathroom more often than once a day, then a taller curtain would be the ideal choice.

A shorter curtain, which is only 15 inches tall would be a great choice if you only intend to use the bathroom for a couple of hours a day. On the other hand, if you do expect to be in the bathroom for several hours each day, then you should go for a higher quality curtain that will last for a number of years.

To determine how long is a regular shower curtain, you just need to measure the length of your bathroom and then add two feet. Doing this for every inch will give you the total length of the curtain.

Once you have the total length of the curtain in mind, you can now purchase the size of the curtain you need for your requirements. A standard curtain measure sixteen inches in length and this will work for any dimensions you buy.

Since you can measure the dimensions of the regular shower curtain and save money by using a curtain that is a lot bigger than you want, then do so. To make sure you get the right size, get the measurement in inches, and remember to buy the size that is two inches bigger than the measurement.

This means that the one you get should cover the whole width of the door and not just half of it. If you only intend to use the shower to view the TV or perhaps do some short exercises, then you don’t need a very wide curtain.

Once you’ve figured out how long is a regular shower curtain for your requirements, then shop around for the best price. The internet is the best place to do a quick online search and you can also check out home improvement stores for their prices.

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