How Often Should You Replace Your Shower Curtain Liner?

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May 03

how often should you replace your shower curtain liner

How Often Should You Replace Your Shower Curtain Liner?

Incorporating a shower curtain liner will help maintain the beauty and shine of your shower curtain. Made from a sturdy synthetic material, this liner can endure extreme temperatures, be it scorching heat or icy cold. If it becomes necessary to change the liner because it’s wearing out, or if the shower curtain has become detached, consider replacing it every two years to keep it looking new.

Most people don’t think about the importance of changing their shower curtain liner as often as they should. It is a very common problem that most people don’t have an accurate idea about the correct interval for changing the liners. In fact, it is possible that some of them don’t know what the appropriate interval is. If you’re not sure about this, you should consider the following guidelines.

Before you purchase the curtain, you should have the shower curtain open to around a foot. This will allow you to see the bottom of the curtain and how much of the fabric is visible.

Next, open the curtain so that you can measure the length of the liner. You should cut out a piece of the liner you like and place it on a piece of paper. You can now mark out the length of the liner that you will need.

After you measure the length of the liner, it is time to purchase the curtain. In order to keep the opening up the same, you will need to purchase a curtain that fits snugly against the liner.

Once you have purchased the new liner you will need to pull the old liner away from the curtain. With this piece of the curtain facing away from the wall, remove the corner of the liner and pull it to the side. You will have to use a drill and screwdriver to separate the two pieces.

After you have removed the corner of the old liner you will need to pull the new liner to the side. With the new liner, your curtain will slide right on top of the new one.

Before you hang the curtain, you will need to use an adhesive and caulk to hold the two together. You should allow a couple of hours for the glue to dry before you hang the curtain.

When you first hang the curtain, it will be very noticeable if the two pieces of the curtain are the same length. After you are done hanging the curtain, you will be able to see the difference in the thickness of the two pieces.

You can be more comfortable by always replacing your shower curtain at least once a year. The liners are something that people don’t really think about, but they are a very important part of your bathroom furniture.

You should also learn about the maintenance of your shower curtain. By being careful with the two-year interval for changing the liners, you will be better prepared to save money on your bathroom cleaning.

Shower curtain liner replacement is not the most difficult task to do, but it does require that you keep track of the interval for replacing the liners. If you follow these simple guidelines you will be saving time and money when you do the liner replacement.

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