How to clean a shower with vinegar?

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Apr 02
How to clean a shower with vinegar


We all already know that vinegar is a natural surface cleaner used most households in the US today. Vinegar cleans most surfaces including the shower; you can get your bathroom clean by using vinegar. The shower can be the messiest part of your house if you do not clean it regularly, you can sort this mess by using vinegar as a cleaning agent when it comes to your bathroom.

The level of acidity in vinegar gives it the ability to make mineral deposits lose, it dissolves soap scum and rust and that is what makes it necessary for bathroom cleaning. Its acidic nature also ensures that microorganisms do not grow on surfaces; this makes it a very powerful disinfectant.

How to clean your shower with vinegar

Cleaning your shower with vinegar is an absolutely good idea if you want to keep your bathroom super clean and free from bacteria and other microorganisms. This is how to clean your shower with vinegar;

•Clean your shower head

For those people in the US who shower with hard water, this must be a very important tip for you. Deposits always foam at the head of the shower and therefore slows down the flow of water, however using vinegar can ensure that your water flows perfectly again by dissolving the mineral deposits in the shower head. You can do this by removing the shower head and soaking it in vinegar after a while, give it a scrub using a sponge and you will see the deposits washing out on its own.

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•Clean your faucets

Hard water often builds up around your faucet handles, however, you can clean them using easily using vinegar.

•Fill your reed diffuser

If your reed diffuser does need refilling, you can go ahead and refill it with vinegar. This will help control the bathroom odor, this is because vinegar is acidic and I, therefore, affects the organic molecules in the air that causes the bad smell.

•Clean your mirror

You can clean your mirrors by using a mixture of water and vinegar, this leave s a perfectly clean mirror.

•Remove stains in the toilet

Dirt always gets stuck under the rim of the toilet and this can be really hard to clean. To make it easier to clean, you can dissolve the dirt by pouring vinegar on the desired area. To do this you need to soak a towel with vinegar and tuck it under the rim and let it settle for a few hours, you can then remove the towels and scrub away.

•Clear a drain

Is water stuck or moving slowly in your drainage system? Well, all you need to clear that mess is vinegar, baking soda, and hot water.

•Get rid of soap scum

No one likes the look of soap scum in his or her shower wall; all you need is vinegar to save you from endless scrubbing.

•Remove stubborn stains

Whether it is on the floor or the walls of your shower, a little vinegar and bicarbonate soda can solve the problem. You will need to apply a little bicarbonate soda first, and then you can go ahead and spray the vinegar, leave for a while then wipe it clean or scrub it if it refuses to come out.

Pros and Cons of cleaning the shower with vinegar

After you learn how to clean your shower with vinegar, these are some of the pros and cons of using this method of cleaning;



Vinegar is way cheaper than other cleaning agent bought in stores. This makes it affordable for the larger population in the US. Everyone deserves an excellent cleaning agent at an affordable price.

•Vinegar is safe

It is a safe product to use in the presence of kids and pets, it is not toxic and therefore is not a threat to the skin or internal organs of pets or children.


Vinegar does not release toxins into the environment; you can, therefore, live a greener life if you start using vinegar to clean your shower. You also do not have to dispose of the bottle, you can always reuse the same bottle repeatedly this helps to conserve the environment.


It is a multi-purpose product that can be used to clean other surfaces in the house apart from the shower. It can be used to clean kitchen surfaces, shower walls, and doors and bathtubs and sinks. You can also use vinegar to get rid of the bad odor in your refrigerator.

•Easy to find

Vinegar is literally in every store you go to, at an affordable price. Both white and apple vinegar are readily available in all stores.

•Not tough on fabrics

Some of you like to get dirty when doing some cleaning, lucky for you vinegar does not spoil you clothe in case it spills on you. This is because vinegar is a substitute for fabric softener.


•The Smell

The vinegar naturally has a terrible unsettling smell that will not go away even with adding extracts and using a different type of of-of vinegar. Some people have however learned to make their own scented vinegar for cleaning purposes. You can also work through the smell by lighting a scented candle while you clean.


Always make sure that you label your cleaners accordingly, confusion of cleaning agents can sometimes cause great havoc. It is good to know what chemical cleans where since vinegar cannot clean some surfaces like marble or stone floor or walls.

•It is not a perfect detergent

As much as vinegar can clean nearly everything, it does not clean grease as well some other commercial products. Let us just say some stains can be too stubborn even for the magical vinegar. You can, however, reduce this problem by using hot water to cut through the grease.

Vinegar pros have greatly outweighed the cons, and this proves that it is a recommended cleaning agent.


Vinegar is a perfectly good cleaner for all surfaces, it is a multi-purpose cleaner. Those who are sensitive to the strong smell of vinegar can, however, buy scented vinegar. Some people in the US make their own scented vinegar; getting a citrus clean scent can be overwhelmingly refreshing.

It can also act as an air freshener; this is facilitated by its acidity. Using vinegar is eco-friendly and reduces the number of cleaning chemicals being released to the environment. It is also cost effective and quite versatile with surfaces. If you haven’t tried vinegar, then you should learn how to clean your shower using vinegar and get to it. You can add other ingredients like baking soda but if you are too lazy, plain vinegar is fine too.

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