How to clean shower curtain mold?

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Apr 02
How to clean shower curtain mold

How to clean shower curtain mold?

Today we are going to talk about a widespread thing, which everyone from you must have it at your home. The thing we are going to talk about is your shower's curtain mold. You all must be thinking that, why would you try to know about your shower curtain mold, but let me tell you? something that it makes some massive changes, many people coming your home would be judging you from that simple shower curtain mold. In today's article we would be talking about what are they, why are they used, how to clean shower curtain mold and many more exciting things. After reading this article, you are going to take proper care for your shower's curtain mold and would be cleaning it because we would be letting you know how to clean shower curtain mold too.

What are shower curtain molds?

As every one of you uses your shower to take a bath and remove all the germs and other dirt particles that are on your body, but have you ever thought that when you make yourself clean, some of the things that are nearby you while bathing must have caught those germs in them? Yes, I am telling you the truth. That when you are taking a bath and removing germs from your body, sometimes, you get in contact with or suddenly touch the nearby things, such as your bathtub, shower's curtains and so on. Those things you touch suddenly get those germs on to them.

Some signs of having mold on curtains

1.Strange smell- If you can smell an unusual smell from your shower curtains, and this smell was not there before then, it is a sign that your shower curtains must have mold on them. Which means you need to clean your shower curtains.

2.Muddy appearance- If you are seeing a change in color of your shower curtains, mostly it is getting changed into a dull complexion, then it is also a sign that now it is time to clean your shower curtains because it must have caught mold on it. Because of which it has that muddy appearance and changed its color to muddy color or dull yellowish brown.

3.Ants- If you can see that the curtains of your shower are getting ants over it, then it is also a sign that the curtains of your shower have caught mold over it, and you must clean them to stop that ant's appearance on your shower curtains.

4.Visible mold- The most visible sign of mold is that you are actually able to see mold over your curtains. If you are able to see it directly then I must tell you that you have not cleaned your shower curtains from many times, you should clean them before it gets out of control, because this mold can make the home members sick, as it is a foul thing and contains a lot of germs and viruses.

How to clean shower curtain mold

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Why clean that mold over your shower curtains?

There are many reasons for which you should clean that mold over your shower curtains, some of those reasons are:

1.Feels clean- When you clean your shower curtains to get rid of that mold that was on your shower curtains, you will feel fresh and feel cleanliness around your bathroom, and I think that you must be knowing that when one feel freshness around themselves at that time. They also feel good from the inside of their heart and makes their mood pleasant.

2.Looks beautiful- When you will clean your shower curtains and all that mold that was on your shower curtains then your curtains will look stunning as they will come to their own color and will also make your bathroom looks beautiful.

3.No germs and virus- If you don’t know that from what this mold that is on your shower curtains is made up of, then let me tell you that, the mold on your shower curtains is made up of purely germs and viruses. These germs and viruses are going to make your family members fall ill, so to keep your family members and yourself away from such health issues you should clean your shower curtain on time and after a time interval.

How to clean shower curtain mold?

The main question of this article is how to clean shower curtain mold. There are several methods to clean shower curtain mold. So, of those methods which are best possible and provides you the best results are:

1.Baking soda- So the first method in how to clean shower mold is to clean them using baking soda. You can directly put them into your washing machine, just add a half cup of baking soda into the machine with the detergent. After cleaning, let it dry naturally, and after that cleaning and drying process, you would be able to see the changes in your old and new washed shower curtains.

2.Bleach- The next method within how to clean a shower curtain mold is to clean them using bleach. Put your shower curtains in warm water, be careful that the water should be warmed up to a limit only as your shower curtains are of plastic, and they will not be able to bear much warm water. Add a half cup bleach and half cup detergent into that warm water with your shower curtains, wash them for a couple of minutes and then take them out and let them dry. That's it the cleaning process of your shower curtains is completed.

3.Vinegar- The last method in how to clean shower curtain mold is to clean them with vinegar, it is the best and the easiest way, sometimes when bleach or baking soda is not available at that time you can wash them with vinegar. Add half cup vinegar and half cup detergent and clean them in your washing machine. Let them dry and feel the changes.


With these cleaning methods for your shower curtains, you can know that how to clean shower curtain mold. We have told you different ways with the help of which you can clean mold from your shower curtains. We also said that why cleaning those dirty and full of mold shower curtains from your bathroom actually needs to get cleaned. Some method by which you can clean your shower curtain mold is with the help of baking soda, bleach, and vinegar, from which vinegar is the best method just keep a look at the temperature of warm water, the water should not be of higher temperature as it can destroy your curtains if you put them in hot water.

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