How Much Mold Exposure is Harmful?

How much mold exposure is harmful
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Today here we will be talking about importance of cleanliness in the house. We will talk about how important it is to keep house clean to stay healthy. One of the things that come in houses very often is mold. Mold is seen in many shapes, size and also colors in the house. It can be green, black, orange, white or grey. All these molds are actually fungus and other small organisms that are thriving on moisture.

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We love to keep our houses clean but still it tends to quietly come up from here or there. A house having mold is not a pleasant place to be in. It makes your house smell funny. Not only that, it very harmful to your health!

How much mold exposure is harmful?

The question is very genuine. Little bit of mold here and there cannot cause much of health hazards. But too much mold in the house can cause harm. As we already said mold is formed with small organisms breeding through the moisture in the air. The more they get moisture in the house, the more the house is not a healthy place to be in.

People of all age are at risk. Here we will talk about health hazards because of exposure to mold.

How much mold exposure is harmful?

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1.Skin irritations: Rashes are one of the problems that one tends to face because of the mold. The skin irritation is because of the bacterial and fungal elements that are in the house. And it is a vicious circle if there is moisture, mold grows. And as mold grows, it does not let moisture go.

2.Irritation in eyes: If you ever feel irritation in your eyes. You experience redness, you feel like rubbing your eyes. The irritation or redness can be because of the bacterial growth in house. It means you are getting an allergic reaction.

3.Uncomfortable throat: You may feel as there is something in your throat. You feel like clearing your throat now and then. This is another symptom of getting an allergic reaction is having an uncomfortable throat. It is something like if you are allergic to peanuts and how one feels as if they are choking. You may not feel choked but have a very uncomfortable and irritated throat.

4.Coughing and wheezing: If you find yourself having difficulty in breathing all of a sudden. Don’t overlook it. Sometimes you may find that your kid is perfectly healthy but whenever he enters the basement or goes to the attic, he tends to cough or wheeze a lot. The reason is something you may have overlooked many times. The reason is the moisture filled with bacterial infection, thanks to mold!

5.Nasal stuffiness: This is a very common and strong symptom of having an allergic reaction. All of a sudden when you enter a room and you feel that your nose is not clear. You feel it dry and something is making stopping you breathe normally. It is because the growth of mold is so much in the room. The level of moisture has not gone down. Thus, there has been an increase in the number of bad elements in the room causing it not too fit to stay.

6.Lung infection: Lung infection is the stage, when you do not take into account the small symptoms as mentioned above into consideration. Too much dampness in the house has allowed the mold to grow, which in return has given a home to all kind of fungus and bacteria. And who is the sufferer? You and your family. You tend to ignore the signs as; it may be a passing flu or seasonal change and the situation worsens!

7.Genital organ infection: See, the thing is because of the moisture in the air, the mold grows everywhere. If your clothes are not dried properly, there will be bacterial growth. Ladies and girls are very much prone to genital problems. If you are prone to UTI, one of the reasons for the UTI problems to take place again and again is the dampness in the air in the house. UTI is can happen again because of the bacteria from the air itself as well.

It is very important not only to take care of the surroundings but also of your clothes. Always remember to sundry your clothes. The sun-rays are natural moisture emitters. Not only you have your clothes crisp dry due to sun but also the heat that your clothes receive, leave no space for the moisture. No moisture no mold and no infection of any kind.

We hereby have tried to help you understand how much mold exposure is harmful. It is not nice to have mold in any form or color in the house. It is of no good but harm. In other words, the mold can badly affect your respiratory tract. As you breathe the air you tend to breathe in the air infected by the bacteria in the mold. Not only that, it also causes genital infection especially in girls and women of all age. Again, the reason is nothing else but moisture.

So, it is better to keep a check always. Don’t let anything accumulate around the house can be a house for mold to grow. Small instances like, don’t have stale food lying around. It can become a cause of black food mold growing. Don’t overlook the dripping drains. Goes without saying, places like these are a very suitable for the mold to build their grounds.

If you ever find mold growing, find a solution for it immediately. Get the drains fixed. Don’t let the water collect. Keep the grounds dry. Keep humidity out of the house. Use air conditioners to keep the humidity out of the house. This will help you keep yourself and your clothes and everything else in the house free from moisture. Use paints that are nowadays premeditated not to let mold grow on the walls and surfaces. During humid seasons or say monsoon when the humidity is on its peak, use dehumidifiers. There should be proper ventilation in the house. Open the doors and windows when the day is bright and cool breeze is blowing. The cross ventilation will allow your house to have clean air and also help in drying the moisture indoors.


Therefore, the conclusion is mold is not good for health, so the best way as it has been said since the old times, “Prevention is better than cure”. Take care of your surroundings and don’t create places for the mold to grow. And just in case, it happens, work on rectifying the situation immediately. The best prevention technique is cleanliness. Remember “Health is Wealth”.

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