How to Get Rid of Mold in Shower with Vinegar

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Apr 02
How to get rid of mold in shower with vinegar

How to get rid of mold in shower with Vinegar

First of all, before you start with this article, you need to know what mold is. Mold is a fungus which consists of small organisms and can be found almost in every place. Some Molds can be used even to make medicine such as penicillin which is an antibiotic that saves a lot of lives in our world. Mold can cause all type of illnesses, and so we have to remove them in our bathrooms. There are different types of mold removal techniques that you can use, but there is one which I can convince you to use because it's the best. Removal of mold using vinegar. I know right vinegar, so how will you get rid of mold in your showers using vinegar? By the end of this article, you will have learned how you can remove Molds in the shower using vinegar and also some other processes. But first, how do they grow in your bathroom?

How to get rid of mold in shower with vinegar

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Causes of Molds in Bathroom

The main reason why molds grow in your bathrooms is that there is a lot of moisture and humidity. Usually running water in all your showers, I sure create wet surfaces and puddles of water and if you don't dry them immediately, then this will very sure lead to its growth. Also, let’s say when the water dries out in your shower and starts evaporating into the air, it increases humidity which causes this fungus to grow. Most of you who dislike cold water have hot showers installed in your bathrooms. The steam produced while bathing in your hot showers also makes your bathrooms humid which causes the growth of mold. Since most of the bathrooms lack proper ventilation moist takes to stay for quite a while, and wet surfaces will dry out slowly.

But before starting to raise questions on how you can remove the mold using vinegar, you can prevent the process from happening. As you have all heard this saying that says prevention is better than cure. Well, that indeed is entirely true. You can prevent mold growth in bathrooms by some of this process:

1. Regular removal of moisture in the bathroom

Don't be lazy and clean your bathrooms even after every shower if possible. The method of removing mold in bathrooms using vinegar is very tiring and also cost you. You should keep humidity below 50% in your showers to prevent mold growth. You can do this by adequately ventilating your bathrooms. If you have a fan in your bathroom, you should turn it on while bathing for some minutes to remove out steam and dry out the air. Your bathroom windows should also be open throughout as you shower if you don't have a bathroom fan. If you want to be 100%, you can manually dry out moisture after each bath.

2. Cleaning bathroom occasionally

You should regularly clean your shower like twice a week to prevent molds. If you are the lazy type of person, then you'll have to finish this article and learn how to remove the Mold in the shower with vinegar. You should wipe every inch of your bathroom while cleaning your bathroom. All wet surfaces like glass, mirrors, walls, and windows and also the flower even if it is tiled. If this prevention isn't an option for you because the mold is already there, then you'll have to read through and learn how to clean your shower with vinegar.

Process of cleaning Bathroom Mold with Vinegar

Fungi is usually dangerous and can be a health hazard to your homes. There is the Black mold which you can’t notice them quickly and will cause diseases if not removed. However, you can be able to tackle them using plain distilled white vinegar. Large mold should also be handled professionally by using necessary cleansers. Below is how to get rid of mold in shower with vinegar.

1. You should always be determined to get rid of mold in your showers because they can cause severe health problems. Some people who are irritated to Mold may suffer from irritation to their eyes, skin, throat and also lungs. Especially lungs, they can cause respiratory diseases and even lung disease. First things first, you should purchase the items because how will you get rid of mold in shower, and you don't have any vinegar. While purchasing vinegar, you should also buy gloves because vinegar can be very corrosive to your skin. Spray bottles are also essential when removing the molds and so you should purchase it but if you have it then lucky for you.

2. First and for most, before even touching the vinegar can, you should wear non-porous gloves. Vinegar can be very corrosive to your skin and can cause severe damages and irritation. Never forget to wear the gloves before beginning the cleaning process.

3. After protecting yourself, you will then fill the vinegar into the spray can. But should warn you, never dilute the vinegar with water. When purchasing vinegar make sure you buy enough that will cover the whole surface. You don't want to have to get rid of the mold in your shower again with vinegar.

4. While spraying vinegar, you should be lenient enough too much of how you use so that there is enough to attempt to break up of mold. But for you who won't be able to purchase the bottle, you can use a cloth as an alternative. Though, you should thoroughly wet it with vinegar.

5. Completing this process isn’t just by spraying or wiping, you have to wait like for an hour for it to work into the mold and break it and then start scrubbing off the area with Mold.

6. You will use warm water and a scrub brush to brush off the area of mold which you had sprayed with vinegar. Using the scrub brush will give you an advantage over the Mold because it will make your work easier to break up the Mold. You should use a larger brush to cover a larger area with Mold. Don't leave out the small brushes because they will benefit a lot in removing Molds on cracks and corners.

7. After finishing the whole process and you've removed the mold from the surface, you will then dip a cloth into warm water and wipe the entire surface dry. If it isn't spotless and there is still some few traces of mold then repeat the whole process until you altogether remove the Mold.

8. Vinegar will never be 100% and so if you want to be completely clean, then you will have to mix the vinegar with some components lie borax, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or salt. Though, you should never mix vinegar with bleach because it will produce toxic fumes which is dangerous.

9. Some of you may have high contents of mold in their bathrooms, and if this is so, you may want to protect yourself with an N95 mask which you can purchase from your local hardware.


After this all process you may not want to remove the mold repeatedly. Admittedly, this process of how to remove mold in your shower may be very tiring for many of you. You'll have to prevent Mold from returning by following the following process. After cleaning your bathroom floor with vinegar, you may have to respray it. I know right, even if the surface is sparkling clean. Just spray the vinegar and leave it on the surface. Don’t wipe it off after spraying to prevent mold from coming back. The above process is all you need to know about how to get rid of mold in shower with vinegar.

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