How to Wash a Shower Curtain

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how to wash shower curtain

How to Wash Shower Curtain

Knowing how to wash a shower curtain can help make your home appear as new. All that a proper cleaning routine will do is take away the dirt and grime and restore the high-gloss sheen of your shower curtain. And you will not even have to spend a lot of money doing it.

When a homeowner first sees their shower curtain, they are excited and tell all their friends. The more they show off, the more their friends want to look at the shower curtain. In this situation, not only do people want to see the shower curtain, but they want to touch it and feel it!

So what does it take to know how to wash a shower curtain? It’s actually very simple. Here are a few quick and easy cleaning tips:

A mild soap is suggested for washing the shower curtain. If you have a more serious cleaning need, you might choose a scouring powder or bleach. But be sure to use the right cleaning product for the shower curtain material.

Use warm water and a soft brush for cleaning. You will be surprised at how easy it is to remove the soap residue.

Don’t use too much water to clean the shower curtain. Too much water can cause the curtain to soak up the liquid, causing it to become wet. This will cause the shower curtain to hang down and look blotchy.

As you are washing the shower curtain, watch where you are holding the brush. If you are moving the brush with too much force, it can damage the plastic that the curtain is made of. Give the curtain a gentle tug or pull with your hand. Just remember to use caution when moving it.

When you first find yourself thinking about how to wash a shower curtain, consider a second thought. Maybe you should wait until next week to learn. There are many other ways to get the job done and you can often accomplish this task in just a few minutes.

Once you get to the shower curtain, spread a little stain remover on a towel and wipe the shower curtain gently. Wipe out all the air bubbles and pat the spot dry. Be careful not to let the shower curtain touch the tile.

Then you will want to dip the towel in a solution that is formulated for removing stains from tiles. Once you have dipped the towel in the solution, it will work to penetrate into the carpet fibers. Be careful not to leave any streaks or areas that you have not cleaned.

Once you have soaked the area, use a pre-moistened brush to work the damp rag through the fibers and around the rags and the tile. Try to keep the brush as close to the pile as possible so that it will work its way through. Now that you have removed all the excess residue, you can wipe away the excess stain remover with a dry rag.

If you keep up with this shower curtain cleaning routine, it will take just a few passes over the shower curtain for each area. Each area will then have been thoroughly cleaned. This is how to wash a shower curtain for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

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