How to Get Rid of Black Mold

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Jun 01
How to Get Rid of Black Mold

Top Technique for Bathroom Wall Mold Removal

In most situations black mold and mildew are a horrific problem. In this article you will find the best ways to kill black mold and mildew. In the history of these organisms, they have been around since day one. Books and very historic bibles have proclaimed mold and mildew problems. So, one thing is for sure, these organisms will always be around. This article is going to cover all possible ways on how to get rid of black mold.

How to Get Rid of Black Mold

Cleaning black mold properly comes to making sure you find the source of the problem. If you do not find the source of the problem, more than likely you will be constantly killing mildew repeatedly. So, to relieve of the time and stress. Be sure you do a complete inspection to find out where this mold problem is starting from.

It is likely that somewhere or another you have a moisture intrusion problem. This is likely from cracked sills, basements, leaky faucets, and many other places. A good tip to take home is to remember that water flows downward. By understanding this concept, you will keep your head up and sometimes find the source of the problem.

The other tip you will want to consider is moisture stains and warping of building materials. Building materials that is warped is usually water damaged. This means you could have some mold growth or future growth.

To kill mold, you will need a particular solution. It is not recommended to use bleach as this is harsher than mold and mildew.

What you will need is a natural cleaning product that cleans and then one that can encapsulate the area to prevent the black mold from coming back. You see, black mold is like you and I and need a place to eat. The trick is to keep the mold from living and eating. This is what encapsulation does, it places the black mold in a bubble to trap it so it cannot reproduce it anymore.

How to Get Rid of Black Mold

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How to get rid of black mold completely

Eliminating mold in the house, on walls and on ceilings can be hard. Using the right sprays, chemical solutions and other items can make things a lot easier if done properly. Keep in mind that all molds need moisture to grow, in addition to oxygen. If you can stop mold from having access to both those things, your chances of preventing or eliminating it will be much greater.

Why Mold Shows Up:

Mold can get into a house or structure via the air or carried in by people, animals or other things. Mold creates very small spores, which are a basic part of the mold. These spores float on the air, for example, and are carried to other locations. The aim of preventing the mold from growing further, should be the main focus in eliminating molds of all types.

Getting Ready to Eliminate Mold:

There are several steps to take before actually going after the mold. First, ensure the moldy area is prepared for cleaning. Always use gloves, goggles, and maybe an N-95 respirator, in order to prevent breathing in any fumes and the like. All of this protective gear is readily on hand at most do-it-yourself home stores.

Prepping the Mold:

Any area larger than 10 square feet should be handled by a professional. If it's under that, take a soap-and-water mixture and wash the surface down completely. You can also use a chlorine-and-water solution (1 cup bleach to 1-gallon water) if you'd like. Make sure the pretreated area is thoroughly dry before continuing. Also ensure there's enough of any mix to do the moldy area at least one more time.

Killing Mold:

There are a lot of good mold-killing sprays in stores today. Most will handle molds with little or no problem. Some of the better ones also kill what's known as the root of the mold. It'll kill the mold, and also any spores left over after cleaning's done. After pre-treating the molded surface with chlorine and water or other solutions, make sure it’s completely dried and ready for chemical treatment. Use the mold-killing spray product only as directed. Wipe up and dry the area again. Do it as often as as needed until all mold is gone.

Making Sure it Stays Gone:

Killing mold is only half the battle you need to also make sure it doesn't come back. Once the mold's been eliminated, do a scan to make sure all of its gone and that none is hiding in any nooks or crannies. Additionally, look around for any dust or dirt left behind, and sweep or clean it up. Mold spores travel in these things, so checking up once in a while will help to prevent any future reappearance.

Stop Moisture and Humidity:

The two main culprits in helping mold to grow are moisture and humidity. Molds need it to survive, so striving to get rid of those two things helps greatly. If necessary, purchase a good dehumidifier. And check your home or building for any hidden water buildups or leaks.


If you are fed up with black mold, do research and look for something on how to get rid of black mold. If you are a professional, you will most likely understand that encapsulation will keep you from failing those mold inspections.

This is because now mold professionals are using cleaners that not only kill black mold, but then use a product that protects and seals the spores in a bubble, so they do not reproduce ever again. This keeps people free from mold and professionals out of law suits.

While there are fungicides, you should turn your focus to organic solutions. Most mold that is a problem grows indoors. So, placing fungicides in the home is not the greatest idea. The home and furniture can absorb this chemical and create a huge problem for years down the line. Go green as there are some great products that are totally organic and do not have any problem killing and destroying mold spores.

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