How to Clean Shower Curtain

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Apr 02
How to clean shower curtain

Cleaning shower curtains might be quite a task! When you think about how to remove the sticky stains could drive you nuts. The sticky stains can't come out through the normal washing process. Anyway, you don't have to throw the curtain away. You can restore the new look of your shower curtains and continue enjoying your hot shower without worrying about the stains again. Depending on the material, bathroom curtains are cleaned using different methods. Some can be machine washed while others can only be hand washed. You don't have to worry. We have tips to help you through this.

How to clean shower curtain

There are two methods you can use to clean your shower curtain. They include:

1. Machine Washing

2. Hand Washing

The two methods depend on the type of material used to make your bathroom curtain. It’s advisable you know the material of your curtain when you buy and the appropriate method of cleaning it. The seller can help you in this and check out on the care label instead. Care labels gives a clear guide on how to clean shower curtain. Let's have a look at the two methods in details

How to clean shower curtain

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Using washing machine

-Detach the bathroom curtain from the bathroom rails and place it into the cleaning machine.

- Make sure that you have removed all the metallic hooks from the curtain before putting it into the machine. This is to avoid spoiling your curtains and the washing machine as well. You need the hooks to put your curtains back so don't spoil them too.

- Put two clean towels together with the shower curtain into the machine. This will prevent wrinkling and tearing apart of the curtain during the washing. The towels also scrub the curtains in the process of cleaning.

- Pour baking Soda and washing detergent into the cleaning machine. A normal curtain needs the amount of detergent you use to do normal laundry plus halfway cup of baking soda. Larger shower curtains use more of these cleaning agents.

-Start your washing machine and set the cleaning level at the highest. Make sure that the water is warm.

-In case of sticky stains, use bleach in addition to the other cleaners. These stubborn stains include mildew stains and other built up stains. Pour halfway cup of bleach into the cleaning machine right after you have turned your machine on.

-Add Vinegar while rinsing the curtain. Once the machine starts the rinsing cycle, open it and add a cup of vinegar. Switch the machine off and on again and let it complete the process.

- Drip dry your curtain. Please note that drying a shower curtain is not allowed. Hang it back to its rail and let it dry on its own.


*Use bleach only if your bathroom curtain is white in color or transparent.

*Go through your machine manual to check if they have instructions related on how to clean shower curtain.

Hand cleaning the bathroom curtain

Let’s not look at the step by step guide on how to clean shower curtain using hands.

- Take a clean cloth, dampen it then apply baking soda on to the cloth and ensure that it's coated with a layer of it.

- Use the cloth to slightly scrub the entire curtain. Don't focus much on the sticky stains at first. Just remove the basic ones only.

- Get another cloth and dampen it with warm water. Wipe the bathroom curtain with it to remove all the cleaners and water. Make sure that there is no trace of baking soda left. Keep dampening the cloth as necessary and wipe the curtain until baking soda is swiped out.

-After you have given the curtain a good cleaning, dampen the cloth once more and sprinkle baking soda on it. Scrub off the sticky stains this time round. This time round focus on the stained areas you left out during the first washing. -Rinse the curtain again once more with a damp cloth. Remove all the baking soda until none is left out. Repeat the rinsing procedure over and over until your shower curtain completely clean.

What are the precautions you need to take while cleaning your bathroom curtain?

Now we know in detail how to clean shower curtain. Before you start the cleaning process of your washing, it is important you take precautions to avoid spoiling your favorite curtain as follows;

a. Test your cleaners before use. Before you start the washing process, spot test the cleaning agents with a small part of your curtain. This is to check out on discoloration or damage that the cleaning agent might cause. If there is any, choose other types of cleaners.

b. Make sure you go through the care labels for more instructions. Always make sure you read them carefully before you start the washing process. Manufactures mostly indicate on the labels the preferred method of washing, the detergents and so on. Other curtains may require other methods of washing. It is important you familiarize yourself with what is needed.

c. Try to keep the shower curtain clean. Maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom curtain will help you in future cleaning. Take steps to prevent mold and mildew formation in future. Mildew forms from the moisture of after bathe. Make sure you ventilate the bathroom before and after shower. This will help it dry faster. Mix half vinegar and half water and spray the mixture daily on the curtain. Clean the bottom part of the curtain more often with a combination of vinegar and water to remove stubborn soap stains formed. You may also move from using bar soaps to using body wash. Bar soaps form scum which stains the shower curtain. Dry your shower curtain after every bath using a dry towel to prevent sticky stains. formation.


It is important you clean your shower curtain appropriately to prevent permanent stain formation. We have seen the procedure of how to clean shower curtain. All you need to know is the type of material your bathroom curtains made of, the ideal washing method and the suitable cleaners. Best cleaners should not discolor or damage your curtain in any way. It is important to test the cleaners first for suitability. You have all the tips of how maintain the cleanliness of the curtain. Follow the advice and you could stay a little longer without washing it. You don't have to keep replacing your shower curtain every time they become dirty. Clean them well and continue enjoying your bathe without incurring extra costs.

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