How to Clean Shower Curtain in Tub

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Jun 01
How to Clean Shower Curtain in Tub

How to Clean Shower Curtain in Tub

In maintaining your hygienic way of living, you will be required to make sure every spot and corner of your home is as clean and organized as it can be. With your home all polished, you can have a comfortable life and developing sickness is much less likely. When it comes to cleanliness, your bathrooms should be the most prioritized since it is where we clean our bodies. It is a place where you can have nice long hot baths, a place where you have nothing to worry about, and have time for rejuvenating the mind – hence the name “comfort” room.

Regularly cleaning your bathroom is necessary for a convenient and comfortable day to day living. You feel clean, you feel good. You feel clean while cleaning yourself, you feel best! You won’t be able to enjoy yourself with a dirty bathroom. It wouldn’t feel nice showering while you are stepping over greasy floors or bathing in a tub clogged with hair and moss. However, cleaning the bathroom can take much time and energy, most especially shower curtains. So, you want to know how to clean shower curtain in tub?

How to clean shower curtain in tub? Shower curtains or shower covers, aside from keeping the other part of your bathroom dry, works as an extra layer of privacy so you would feel more secure when relaxing in the tub or shower. It is often made out of semi translucent plastic with colorful designs. This comes great for having a confident time of leisure. However, these covers can even be dirtier than your toilet seat. Surprised? Well, shower curtains should be cleaned at least once a month. Dirt and malicious particles easily grab unto your shower curtains. Molds grow where there is moist. Don’t only clean your shower curtain when it is already making a bad smell! You must clean the covers at least one a month. If you think about it, you will only have to clean them only 12 times for a whole year! It’s not so bad is it?

How to Clean Shower Curtain in Tub to Remove Shower Curtain Mold

Why Should I?

Yes, cleaning your shower curtain using laundry/washing machines is more efficient. So why should I clean my shower curtains in the tub? That would take much of my time and energy. True, however try considering this. Washing machines have no 100% guarantee in cleaning your shower curtains (including laundry). On the other hand, manually washing by hand, even though traditional and more time/energy taking, it is more effective and assuring. Plus you will get to save money from electricity and water bills. So are you interested to keep your curtains squeaky clean while saving money? Without further ado get started learning how to clean shower curtain in tub. Read further to know more.

How to Clean Curtain with Tub

Cleaning Materials

How to clean shower curtain in tub? Well, first step is to prepare the following, they will be used in cleaning process:

-Laundry Detergent


-Liquid Bleach (Optional)

Getting Things Ready

Prepare the cleaning process by first removing the curtain from the rod. It will be easier to scrub without the rod obstructing the way. Snap the rings and remove it along with the curtain. Rings accumulate dust and dirt over time. Toss them into the tub and fill it with warm water.

Soaking Process

If your curtain has stains, add liquid bleach into the mix. Use half a bottle of liquid bleach then add laundry detergent into the tub and make sure it is blended well. Amounts depend on how full your tub is. You most probably know when it is sufficient so there will be no need of spoon-feeding details. Let it soak for about an hour and a half. Your shower curtain only get to have warm baths 12 times a year so let it enjoy itself, poor thing. After this soaking process dirt and stains will be much easier to remove.


Everything will be fine. This will only take a few minutes of your life. Now here is the stressful part, scrubbing (Gasps). Scrubbing should start from one corner. From one corner scrub all the way through to another corner. Thoroughly scrub the surface with a good amount of force. Make sure you also scrub the rings and where it is attached to from the curtain. These spots are accumulating a lot of molds and dirt over time. Curtain design/structure varies from one manufacturer to another. Some might have holes or extra bits of places that needs cleaning, make sure to scrub all of them.


Almost done! Empty the tub and start rinsing the curtain. First, wash the rings and place them somewhere far from the toilet seat (Trust me). Rinsing starts from top to bottom to make sure soap is removed. After rinsing, give it a good scrub with running water to finally remove any detergents left.

Let it Dry

Dry the rings with a towel or toilet paper. Reattach the rings to the curtain and place it back to the rod. Make sure the rings are all dried up when you do this. Else it can rust and that won’t be good, so much for saving money. You can use a viscous material like a towel to wipe/dry it up. You are pretty much done! It will dry by itself even without wiping.

Alternative Methods

By Hanging

If you want a less hassling method of cleaning your shower curtains, then you can just let it hang and scrub it from there. You can have a hose run it down with water and scrub it from there. If you do not have a hose available, then a pitcher or dipper will do, although it would be more strenuous. This is great for low-maintenance, if you want to do some little cleaning that is.

Prevent from Getting Dirty

Another way of leaning’ your shower curtain is by preventing the growth of molds or letting it get dirty. You can achieve this by having a proper ventilation system installed in your bathroom. Molds grow in humid or moist places more especially in dark and covered spots. Habitually drying up your shower curtains will also help in preventing molds to grow.


Overall, making sure your home stay clean is great. Although there are some tasks that we don’t like such might be doing the laundry, taking out the garbage or so on and so forth. But these are things we must do to keep our home a great place to live in. Have you successfully learned how to clean shower curtain in tub and its benefits? That would be great. And remember, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This principle applies to many aspects in life. To live comfortably, is to work extra ordinarily.

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