Orange Stains on Shower Curtain

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Orange Stains on Shower Curtain

Orange Stains on Shower Curtain

Gleaming surfaces and mirrors, unstained toilet bowl and crystal-clear porcelain. How could you not love spotless clean bathroom?

I just recently cleaned my bathroom all the way, from floor to the ceiling, and got to deal with an issue I haven’t really dealt before. When I was almost done with the cleaning, I saw these dirty, junky orange stains on shower curtain. I hadn’t really noticed that before, but now. You can’t really call it spotless clean bathroom, when there are these ugly orange stains on my curtain.

The first thought was: “I got to buy a new one!” But, really, do I have to buy a new one? Can’t I just clean it? So, I went on research to find out what creates them in the first place. I wouldn’t want to clean it, only to clean it again after a short while. I wanted to know what creates the stains and make sure they stay clean for a good while.

Who to blame for stains?

The orange stains on shower curtain are there for two reasons:

1. Blame the shampoo

Most of the stains, whether your curtain is fabric or plastic, can be blamed on mildew or soap scum. Your curtain does essential task in keeping your bathroom clean, it keeps shampoo, conditioner and water from splashing all around your bathroom. Imagine bathroom without a curtain, that would be a mess!

Luckily, curtain exists and does its job very well. But, instead of water splashing over your floor, it splashes right on the curtain, and it’s just a matter of time until your shampoo, conditioner, and dirty water will get absorbed and create the stains. Luckily, these are fairly easy to clean, and I will tell you how I did it further in the article. But not all stains are equal!

Orange Stains on Shower Curtain Bathtub

2. Blame the minerals

The orange stains on curtains are not always there only because of bath supplies. It could also be high mineral content in your water supply, especially if your water is coming from a well. High mineral content, especially iron, is a bit harder to deal with. Minerals tend to stick to the material, whether it’s plastic or fabric curtain, and regular cleaning with soap will not work here. Still, you don’t need to get a new one. Mineral stains can be cleaned, and the process is just a little bit more complicated. Honestly, it’s not even complicated, it just takes a little bit more time. And trust me, whenever I walk in my bathroom and see my clean-white curtain, I tell myself: “That curtain looks fantastic, well done!” But let’s get to the point now: “How to make your shower curtain spotless clean?”

Let’s start cleaning

As I mentioned earlier, curtain cleaning is fairly simple and almost always guarantees great result. Just take an honest look at your curtain and choose one of the methods that I will now mention. These methods work for both: light, soapy stains or even the most dirty, rusty stains.

NOTE: The first two methods are for fabric curtains. For the plastic one – follow method 3.

Method 1 | Baking Soda

As simple as it gets, the commonly used household cleaning hack – baking soda works here too. Simply take a microfiber cloth, make it wet and pour baking soda over it. Then – brush the stains off. With mild orange stains this works surprisingly well.

If you’re not a big fan of scrubbing (like me), then you can also put the curtain in washing machine and just add baking soda to your laundry detergent, half a cup of baking soda should be enough. But, don’t turn it on yet! Along with curtain, place few bath towels with it, otherwise the curtain might get damaged. I also suggest choosing low temperature and gentle setting, to ensure your curtain won’t get damaged. After the washing is done – don’t put it in the dryer machine! That’s a sure way to damage it, instead let it drip-dry, either outside if the weather is nice or hang it back in your bathroom.

Method 2 | Bleach

Sometimes, baking soda won’t be enough. If the orange stains on shower curtain are there for a longer time, you need something more effective – bleach. While bleach is used for extra dirty cases, it doesn’t mean that the cleaning process is more complicated. All you need to do is – bleach it!

First, find a bucket, big enough to fit the curtain. Hint: we’re going to soak it. Then get some bleach. If you don’t have it at home, buy it. It’s not expensive and will last forever. There are popular brands out there, but honestly – bleach is a bleach no matter what name is on the bottle. So, get any of those. Now, when you have the bucket and the bleach, pour cup of bleach in the bucket, along with hot water. Place the curtain in the bucket with the bottom (it’s more dirty) first and let it soak for several hours, even overnight is fine.

While this is very effective and simple solution, you can make it even easier. Follow the same steps as in method 1, just replace baking soda with bleach.

Method 3

If you’re curtain is plastic – you don’t want to put it in washing machine. It will destroy it. This makes the process more handwork, but it’s no less effective. For mild stains:

1. Lay the curtain in bathtub and rinse of as much stains as possible.

2. Sprinkle baking soda over the stains and scrub the entire surface, rinsing while you scrub.

Now, it’s either clean, or we move to the next step.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of bleach to 1 cup of water, pour over the stains and scrub them. Repeat until the stains are gone.

4. Afterwards rinse the curtain thoroughly, to make sure no bleach is left (or soda) and hang it back on.


We can probably both agree that dirty, stained curtain gives your bathroom – careless and repealing look. Luckily, you can make them look just like new, without much of an effort or expenses. Make sure to check out our articles about the best shower curtains.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your spotless clean curtains!

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