How long is the average length of a shower?

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average length of a shower
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Average length of a shower

It is general knowledge that women tend to take longer showers than men. Men shower at an average of 7 minutes while women shower at an average shower length of 9 minutes. However, as people grow older, they start taking less time in the shower. An older person of say age bracket of 50 years and above showers for 4 to 5 minutes while teenagers can shower up to 25 minutes. The lengths of showers always vary from person to person, some take short periods while others take longer. So, what exactly is the average length of a shower? The average length of a shower for a woman in the US should be 9 minutes.

Why do women in the US take longer time in the shower than men?

Women take longer time in the shower because women are more particular about hygiene routine than men. Women tend to be more inclined about their beauty routine like skin care, waxing, hair conditioning and many other things that women like getting cleaned up before they embark on their day to day activities.

Women do most of their thinking in the shower; you can agree that women come up with a lot of ideas while taking showers. Maybe it is the soothing sound of rushing water or the warmth of shower water, I don’t know. You might have heard some women say their voice comes out perfectly when they sing in the shower, which might be the reason why women cannot get enough of the shower.

average length of shower

How to reduce the length of a shower

Cutting down the time you spend in the shower may seem as an impossible task, however there are so many ways you could do not that and not feel the effect. Your morning shower can truly make a difference in the way your day turns out to be. Women sometimes go into a shower routine that takes too much of their time and end up getting late for work or appointments. You love you precious e time’ in the shower but it could cost you your job or your health. These are some of the ways to cut down your shower length to the average length of a shower;

•Time your shower to a playlist

If your morning seems to slip away when you get in the shower, this is the most exciting method of getting yourself to spend little time in the shower. You could put a timer on but isn’t that just too boring? You could jazz things up by creating a special playlist with your favorite songs of the desired length you want to spend in the shower. You can enjoy the music as you get yourself washed up, the excitement comes in when you finish your bath the same time you playlist ends.

•Lower your shower temperature

Cold or lukewarm water does not appeal to anyone, but the drop in the shower temperature can push you taking less time in the shower. Warm showers are soothing, but they are bound to waste your time, as much as a cold shower sounds miserable it could save you a lot of time and despite that you could reward yourself with super-hot coffee to hype your temperature.

•Shampoo and condition your hair at the same time

When you are in hurry, the perfect way of saving time is using all in one product. You should get yourself products that solve your conditioning and shampooing problems at the same time. Doing this can make sure you have made your and finished your shower on time.

•Condition while something else

If you are good at multi-tasking this might really work for you. You can always wash your hair first and while its conditioning you can wash the rest of the body. You have to master this art if you want to save time in the shower.

•Moisturize your body with an in-shower body lotion

It is important that you follow the recommended steps while taking your shower, while most people moisturize in the shower and afterwards, I would recommend for you to get an in-shower body lotion so that you can avoid moisturizing your skin afterwards. Moisturizing during when taking a shower prevents your skin from being dry and patchy. I mean who likes dry skin?

•Use oil-based products to shave

Instead of using your typical shaving cream, you should consider getting an oil-based one if you cannot shave the night before. An oil-based shaving cream will make your shave easy while it also moisturizes your skin.

•Try a Navy Shower

Apart from these tips that ensure that you save time, a navy shower helps you save both time and resources. A navy shower is where you use the first 30 seconds of, you’re a shower to get wet, then you switch of the shower and leather up and scrub away. Finally turn the water n and rinse off in a minute or even less. This method reduces the amount of water you use and saves your time.

Next time you want to level you time to the average length of a shower, put these tips into play and you will be surprised at how much time you can save.

how long is average length of shower

Benefits of taking a short shower

Many people do not know that taking less time in the shower have benefits. These benefits include;

•Lower water and electricity cost

Taking a shower does not have to be expensive. When you take less time in the shower, you are reducing your utility bills. You lower the cost of water and the cost of heating that water.

•Save time

Showering always takes a large part of every woman’s morning since you have to wash and restyle your hair. You can save time by making sure that you take less than 8 minutes in the shower every morning.

•Increase vitamin D

Showering too often prevents your body from synthesizing the vitamin D you absorb from the sun.


It is advisable that you level up your average length of a shower time to the norm since short showers are generally good and healthy for your body. Short showers are good for you skin and your overall health, showering for too long washes away the good bacteria from our skin, the bacteria that makes our skin cells make its own antibiotics. Your body produces natural oils that makes your skin soft and supple, hot showers makes this oil easy to strip off leaving your skin dry and flaky. These are enough reasons for women in the US to takes less time in the shower.

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