Self-Care Ideas for pain on your lower back

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May 05
Self-Care Ideas for pain on your lower back

Many people experience back pains, especially if they spend long hours sitting on a couch or doing small tasks like trying a new sport or planting your garden. In America alone, up to 80% of adults complain about occasional back pain at one point or another. However, you do not have to suffer back pain for all the time you will be spending while working at home. Iman Abou-Chakra shares some tips to help you take care of your back and eradicate the pain you may experience from doing simple activities or working out. These tips will help you achieve comfort while you work from home, but you should seek medical help if the pain intensifies. You can get more essays on self-care ideas on custom dissertation writing service.

  • Comfort measures

The heat helps in decreasing pain while cold helps with reducing swelling. You will experience both benefits when you alternate the use of a heating pad and an ice pack. You can apply your ice pack for about 15 minutes, three times in one day. Make sure you put a towel or cloth between the ice pack and your skin. While you are sitting up, you can use your heating pad to reduce pain on your lower back for about 15 minutes as well at a go. Never lie on a heating pad as you may not achieve any results.

  • Your sitting position

There is a high probability that you spend a considerable amount of time working while seated. It may be comfortable, but the wrong sitting posture can cause back pain. Chakra suggests ditching the backrest such that the only body part on the chair is your butt. You should bend your knee to a 90° angle and flat on the floor. You will be more focused and alert in your work this way. Also, you will reduce the chances of having back and neck pains. While you are at it, switch your sitting positions often. You can also use a pillow to support your lower back when sitting for long hours.

  • Stretch it out.

You are not glued to your chair (at least I hope)! Get up and do some stretches every once in a while. Exercises, including stretching your upper back, neck, shoulders, chest, and legs, help remove any pain. Engaging your muscles in physical activity strengthens them and reduces the chances of experiencing any pain.

  • Take breaks more often.

To care for your body, brain, and back (especially your lower back), regularly shift from standing and sitting. If you are exercising or working, take a break of around five minutes every hour, even if it means going to the bathroom. Blood flow to your brain enhances, and you will also feel fresh than when you left your work position. Additionally, you may reduce back pain by simply standing. You can do some tasks, for example, making a phone call while standing. You can start slowly by taking 20 minutes to stand and break your sitting routine. Remember to change your sitting position approximately every 20 minutes or set a reminder.

  • Let it flow

All muscles in your body have a connection. You can achieve reduced muscle pain in the neck to your lower lumbar region by practicing a slow flow movement, easing the tension between them. A yoga class will be ideal for this type of exercise, but if you are too busy to enroll for a yoga class, you may squeeze some moves into your daily routine. Remember to be gentle on your muscles.

  • Stock up on the essentials

You probably have pain-relieving gel for your back or muscle pain already. Similarly, you can apply your moisturizer to a part of your body you feel stiff and knead to ease the tension. Using magnesium cream, Epsom salt, or castor oil is also a recommendable solution to sore spots or where you feel pain generally.


Dr. Abou-Chakra says symptoms including numbness in your legs, tingling, notable limitation in spine motion, muscle spasms, constant or persistent pain that can last up to a week, or a stabbing and sharp pain need a doctor’s attention. He adds that self-care is helpful, and back pain may be a way your body communicates that there might be a bigger problem at hand.

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