Endocannabinoid System Malfunction – What Are the Consequences?

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Endocannabinoid System Malfunction - What Are the Consequences

That the human body is an unknown area, scientists realized about 30 years ago. Then, quite by accident, they discovered one more system in the human body - the endocannabinoid system (ECS). As the science didn't know about its existence, its functions were also unfamiliar.

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When your body works properly, it's in a state of balance called homeostasis. Diseases occur when this balance is disturbed. That happens due to many internal or external factors. Also, all body systems can have genetic or acquired failures that are potential pathogens.

Anxiety and Behavioral Disorders

One of the basic functions of the ECS is to manage your feelings. A large number of receptors are located in the brain. They 'work' jointly with neurotransmitters in charge of your good mood. Their 'cooperation' makes you feel good, control your emotions, and react to stress.

Your body has its production of a substance that activates the ECS - anandamide. Its action is like taking cannabis for medical purposes. If there is a disorder in the secretion of this compound, the first adverse effects will appear in the nervous system.

Proper functioning of ECS makes it easier to deal with sensations, fears, and everyday stress. When this system is malfunctioning, the stress response mechanism is not working. Then you can develop anxiety, depression, or other behavioral disorders.

The inability to coping with stress brings more health issues. The crucial ones are those related to your reproductive health. Problems with ECS can cause infertility in both sexes. The brain can block the proper functioning of the reproductive organs.

Appetite and Digestion

Endocannabinoid System Malfunction - What Are the Consequences 2

Receptors located in the guts are responsible for the normal digestion process. They also provide regular work of intestines, discharging, and the elimination of toxins. These receptors also control the feeling of hunger, thus preventing appetite disorders.

Loss of appetite and eating disorders are not always a result of the diseases. Sometimes, the 'culprit' for these conditions is the brain. The ECS takes control over communication between the brain and guts. When this connection is bad, you don't have a clear feeling of hunger. Besides, you might feel nausea, urge to vomit, and other side effects of appetite disorders.

People lose their appetite when specific changes related to endocannabinoid receptors occur in their brains. Inflammations can also be the cause of eating disorders. Then the ECS system sends a message to the brain that your body does not need food.

In case of improper brain-stomach communication, it is essential to restart the ECS. You can achieve that by improving lifestyle habits. Also, you can take CBD (visit this website to learn about the benefits of this supplement), and try to avoid stress.

Inflammation and Infections

Your body has a defense mechanism against diseases. A good immune response to external (or internal) threads makes you resistant to disease. In response to these attacks, an inflammatory process occurs in the organism. It activates white blood cells, which should prevent the 'enemy' from penetrating your body.

Proper functioning of the ECS should keep inflammations in the body under control. It needs enough endocannabinoids for that. Poor diet, too little sleep, and many other factors can disrupt this state of homeostasis. Then the organism weakens and can't manage the inflammatory processes. The inflammation spreads spread throughout the organism. That makes you even weaker and more susceptible to diseases.

Sleep Issues

The ECS regulatory mechanism has a significant impact on sleep patterns. When it’s time for bed, endocannabinoids act soothingly on your body, preparing it for rest. When you are relaxed, you dream beautiful and soothing.

Every disturbance in ECS reflects on the quality of your rest. Your sleep pattern breaks down because the receptors do not sync a sleep-wake cycle. You often wake up tired and rarely dream. Lack of sleep affects weak immunity, which protects you from fighting disease.

In ECS, diseases can occur if there are disturbances in the system's work. Another reason is the low level of the endocannabinoid. Since its receptors are found in almost all organs, a 'failure' on ECS can cause a variety of disorders.

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