Things to Remember When Listening to Music in the Shower

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Jun 04
Things to Remember When Listening to Music in the Shower

Listening to natural water sounds has a stress-reducing effect. Therefore, showering is also relaxing. To maximize this effect, we can enjoy our favorite songs because listening to music in a shower helps us relax and focus on positive thoughts. This is so because we dedicate all our energy to washing our bodies.

Usually, we use our cell phones to listen to music. But using phones in a shower can damage your gadget. So you should know some secrets about how to enjoy music safely. Let’s dive in.

Ensure Your Phone Is Waterproof

If you want to place your gadget in a bathroom, you should ensure that it is waterproof. But keep in mind that you can’t submerge such devices in the water. Some splashes are their limit. If the limit is exceeded, your phone starts to malfunction. Therefore, the waterproof gadget is not the solution to all problems. You still have to be careful with your device.

Use a Waterproof Phone Bag

They are made of a durable thermoplastic polyurethane material. Due to this fact, your phone is protected from water. Usually, such bags come with a strap; therefore, you can hang them in a corner. Use a voice chat to switch songs or find any composition.

Buy a Waterproof Device

Instead of using a phone, you can put another waterproof device. For example:


  • headphones. Use it when you want to hear only the sounds of your favorite music, not of running water. They can be useful if you are a morning bird and don’t want to disturb your households by playing loud music.
  • in-wall speaker. You put it where you want. All you should do is press the buttons to switch music or make it louder or quieter. They are small and don’t take up a lot of space.
  • radio. It is the best option if you love everything old.
  • musical showerhead. It’s unnecessary to try to listen to music from the radio far away from you. You can enjoy songs just inside the showerhead. This thing works via Bluetooth. You can listen to excellent music and keep your tech safe at the same time.

Gone are those days when you used to worry about damaging your tech. Try the above-stated products and be sure that listening to music in a shower is safe for your tech.

Prepare a Playlist

But it’s better to prepare a playlist. Pick up your favorite songs in advance, or choose new ones. It helps you to avoid touching your gadget with wet fingers.

Agree that it is annoying when you can’t turn down a song you don’t like. On the contrary, you listen to it for a long time. All the fascination of the shower will disappear.

Draw Shower Curtain

If you don’t use a phone bag or haven’t a waterproof gadget and just put your cell in a bathroom, you should be careful to avoid water getting on the device. You can prevent it by using a shower curtain. Just draw it. The shower curtain doesn’t pass water due to its repellent material. Therefore, be sure that your phone will be safe even if you suddenly drop the shower and water will start to splatter around you.

Keep Your Device Away From Steam

Your bathroom is the wettest place in your home. It’s a place where there is always high humidity. Even if your phone is in a specialized bag or your device is waterproof, steam can damage it.

What to do? The best solution for this situation is a fan. It solves this problem: it keeps humidity in check. Therefore, your phone is safe.

In addition, a bathroom ventilator gets around the following problems: mold, funky smell, peeling wallpaper, the list goes on. By purchasing a fan, you kill two birds with one stone.

The Best Music for Taking a Shower

Choose music that helps you relax. Don’t dance to music or sing. Just relax and enjoy water running on your body. Get rid of negative and stressful situations in your life and focus on the moment.

In general, the best music for showering is natural sounds. For example, you can listen to birds singing or waterfall sounds. Such music makes you closer to harmony because nature is harmony in itself.

Also, to calm down, you should do all your school or work tasks before showering. Or delegate them to somebody if they are too difficult for you. For example, it’s ok for me to hire someone to do my homework. I often do it and save my time. Try it too.

The Bottom Line

As you see, showering is a process when we get rid of the negativity and enjoy the moment. Music while cleaning up helps relax. There are some ways to listen to music safely. Choose what you like. You can also use several tips at the same time.

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