Turning Your Bathroom into an Oasis

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Turning Your Bathroom into an Oasis

Most people may not think about their bathrooms as a potential location for an oasis. That term might be better associated with a beautiful kitchen, bedroom, or outdoor living space with a garden. But make no mistake…a bathroom can be turned into a paradise if you have the vision. As one of the most private rooms in your home, but also one of the most important, how your bathroom looks and feels can say a lot about you.

Maybe the bathroom of the house you moved into was nothing exciting, but it gets the job done. Or perhaps you have grown tired of the bathroom and the way it has looked for the last twenty years and it is time for an update. Before you start buying new fixtures and paint colors willy-nilly, you should come up with a plan.

If you are empty of ideas for turning the bathroom into an oasis, but you know that a change is needed, then here are some thoughts to get you started on your bathroom renovation.

Style of Tub

A bathtub is a significant piece in your bathroom, and the style that you choose could dictate how you use the rest of the space. Though many tubs in the past were fixed to the walls, the trend of free-standing tubs has returned. Whether you want to go all out with the inclusion of jets in your tub or it is just for soaking, there are tons of options for bathtubs that you can choose to suit your style. If you are on the older side, you could get a walk-in tub that includes a doorway so that you can still enjoy the benefits of taking a bath without the risks that may come from climbing in and out with aging legs, especially when the surfaces are wet.

Shower Curtain Choices

The curtains that you use for your shower are the biggest decorative feature in the bathroom for the most part. While it is important to think about function primarily, you can be picky about form as well. Do you want the curtains to be straight or curved to fit the shape of your tub? Would a custom-cut track set serve your needs better than a basic curtain rod? What color or patterns will you choose for the outer drape to brighten up the room and create that oasis feeling? A nice blue can have a nautical effect and make your bathroom elicit a similar atmosphere to a beach, and nothing screams “oasis” like a beautiful beach on a sunny day.

A Sanctuary of Privacy

The bathroom is meant to be a private place, both for you and for any guests who use it. For this reason, you need to choose the right blinds or curtains for the window in your bathroom to make sure that everyone feels safe from the outside world. Maybe you have visited a friend’s house who has little privacy protection for their bathroom window and it made you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. Do not let the same thing happen to guests in your bathroom. Measuring your windows for blinds or shutters is an important step when updating the privacy features in your bathroom, so it is very important to do so correctly. Otherwise, your oasis may not feel as private as it should be.

Ample Storage

A bathroom that feels overly cluttered may never feel like a private oasis. Instead, it will just be a mess that you hate to look at. When you consider the size of the vanity, cabinets, or other storage features, you want to make sure that there is enough space to properly store all of the toiletries and other bathroom necessities. There are plenty of bathroom storage options that you could take advantage of to keep your various possessions and prevent clutter from building up, including wall-mounted shelves, shower nooks, and baskets to conceal items in. These methods will keep more of the counter space open for a cleaner look in your bathroom, along with preventing clutter on visible surfaces.

Plan Your Oasis First

Before you take any of these steps, you need to create a vision for your bathroom oasis. What type of atmosphere will create a relaxing environment for you, your family, and any potential guests who will use the bathroom? Is there a particular theme that will spark your imagination? What decorative choices can you make that will create a warm and welcoming space for all?

Whether or not this bathroom will be for private use only will also play a major role in your upgrading decisions. After all, if this is a bathroom attached to the master bedroom, then by all means, just worry about what you want it to look like and not what guests may enjoy. Have fun with it and start turning your bathroom into a dream oasis.

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